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Hatton vs PBF

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The fight everyone wants.

Ricky the hitman hatton vs Pretty boy floyd Mayweather.

Hatton would put so much presure on PBF and keep coming forward and laying in to floyd with body shots that would wear him down. Hatton wins by KO9


Mayweather can put on masterclasses and totally outbox fighters like Hatton. PBF is arguably the best fighter in the world and could win by UD or stoppage.

Who Wins. what is your opinion and prediction about this dream fight
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again ill point to when floyd fought castillo whom is a pressure fighter (not as good as hatton though) who in my opinion beat floyd by 4 rounds in there first fight.

i think hatton will fight better than castillo did on that night he'll throw 100+ punches a round, he'll cut the ring off which nobody is better at and he'll rip into floyd with blistering body shots resulting in a late stopage for the hitman.
i just dont see what the hype with floyd is he can box and is fast but he's been on the floor he's constantly ducking fighters ( kostya and margarito) and has fought no significant opponent since moving from 135.
:laugh: :thumbsup: . seriously though joe's never ducked any fighter in his carrer he's chased the big fights.
The stalker bumping old threads and predictions. :dance:
This isn't based on hate on TommyGunn himself, this is to clarify to the Mayweather haters that no matter who Mayweather fights, there will always be those who hate on him and will hate on him for life
I gave Mayweather props when he beat Hatton, stalker. You like to look at my old posts, you should know this. He still wont fight the best though. :dance:
this is why i'm bringing these old posts up, before Mayweather beat him people thought Hatton was unbeatable, also agaisnt Oscar most guys on here thought Oscar was gonna KO Maywaether, even before the Judah fight people were saying Judahs got a big chance because he'll be up for this fight, he's got the style/speed/power to beat Mayweather, Mayweather has been fighting the best it's just their slated to pieces after he's finished with them
You brought them up to try (but fail) make me look bad. But thats cool though you aint the first to do this and you wont be list. I give credit where its due, still dont change the fact Mayweathers a ducking POS. :dance:
I brought this up originally to show that you are a calzaghe nutt-hugger because he's british and retired undefeated but the subject changed because members started discussing how overrated Ricky Hatton was at one-point considered unstoppable
I dont consider Hatton overrated though and you quote my old posts without knowing i gave Mayweather props for the victory. Fukk, do i need to start quoting old posts of yours? You get laughed at once a day on here at least, you even think Tito deserved the UD over Oscar, now thats nuthugging. :dance:


Calzaghe topped Hopkins on HBO's fighter of the decade poll (A yank site) and he topped him on boxinscenes that had thousands and thousands of votes. Just goes to show who the majority of people think was better. :snacks:
No, most people think Bernard Hopkins is a racist scum like he potrays hisemlf to be, not knowing this is part of his act to try and gain viewers, If Hopkins didn't say those disrespectful gutless racist comments, he'd be rated light-years above joe calzaghe like he was before the comments were made
Calzaghe is hated on boxinscene more than Hopkins, thats a pathetic excuse. Go on and look. You're reaching badly here. Calzaghe > Hopkins, even the yanks think so. :dance:
your laughing your ass? Is that good england? What school did you went?
This guy used to tell us Adrian Diocanu would beat Chad Dawson easily. :dance:
This guy used to tell us,the bum of the decade, Hatton would beat the top 5 ATG Manny Pacquiao easily :dance:
Two future HOF'ers, Pacquiao and Hatton is not in the same ball park as picking a Romanian Gypsy to beat a top P4P fighter. :laugh2:
Ok, let me correct that, it`s the most overrated bum of the decade.
After what you said, that must be Diacuno. :laugh2::laugh2::laugh2:
You make yourself look bad with your contradictions, but still he suceeded.
Rodent, i might have guessed you'd join in with the other idiots here without knowing i gave Mayweather credit for the win. :dance:
Have you just been born?

They already fought and Ricky could barely land a telling punch on Floyd.

This fight has been decided.

Ricky would never beat Floyd, especially now! He had his chance to build himself into a decent welterweight fighter, but instead he got scared by Collazo and reverted to what he could do best whilst denying his craft post-fight.

Why did you even start this thread? You sound like an amateur observer of the sport by claiming that this is what people want; it's the most irrelevant fight out there!
Cortez is a slut
Cheating yank. :mad:
Nice prediction Mr. Guru. :laugh:
Damn Joe Cortez. :mad:
No offense, but with how dominant Floyd was, aside from that one good balance shot, I don't see Hatton beating him no matter what ref you give him.
Its a pitty we'll never know. :sad:
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