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Will Ricky Hatton be able to keep his unbeaten record against these top fighters ???

Floyd Mayweather (Hatton SD)
Arturo Gatti(Hatton KO6)
Carlos Baldomir(Hatton UD)
Zab Judah(Hatton SD)
Paul Williams(Hatton KO10)
Miguel Cotto(Hatton KO6)
Antonio Margarito(Margarito KO?)
Junior Witter(Hatton KO6)
Jose Luis Castillo(Hatton UD)
Diego Corrales(Hatton KO10)

and if he had anouther fight with ...

Kostya Tszyu(Hatton UD)
Luis Collazo(Hatton UD)
Carlos Maussa(Hatton KO30seconds)

what do you guys think??? Cheers

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just cant see anyone beating him to be honest.

Margarito is just too big for him but anyone esle i see him beating. Floyd is a hard one though.

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Lloydy said:
I agree, I reckon Floyd would be the toughest as he'd just dance and probably win on points...Ricky will be back to his best best against Castillo though imo. styles make fights
welcome to the board lloydy.

your right styles do make fights and hattons style is perfect to beat mayweather, floyd likes to run and throw 1 or 2 punches where hatton will be in his face the whole fight, something floyd doesn't like which was proved the first time he fought castillo. and lost the fight IMHO.
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