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Mormeck-Haye gets green light for September 28 in France: Haye promises to ‘beat Frenchman like Rodney King’

04.07.07 - WBC number one-ranked cruiserweight contender David ‘The Hayemaker’ Haye will fulfil one of his career ambitions on September 28 in Paris, France, when he finally locks horns with WBC and WBA cruiserweight king Jean-Marc Mormeck. The 26-year-old Bermondsey puncher sealed the deal hours before the bout was scheduled to go to purse bids, and will now battle Mormeck for the right to be crowned undisputed cruiserweight champion.

Elated and straining at the leash, Londoner Haye promises: “Mormeck won't last three rounds with me. This is going to be like George Foreman versus Joe Frazier or Lennox Lewis versus Mike Tyson. It's going to be that one-sided. I'm going to travel to his back garden and beat Mormeck like Rodney King!”

Haye's extreme confidence is born from the knockouts attributed to his lethal right hand and the come-forward style of his squat opponent, Mormeck. Haye admits he holds Mormeck in the highest regard, but simply feels he carries the superior arsenal.

“I rate Mormeck as a great champion,” concedes Haye. “I believe he's the second best cruiserweight in the world after myself. Mormeck is the king of the first division, but I'm shooting for the Premiership. I need to crush guys like this to get where I want to go.

“I've been waiting for this shot for a long time now and have worked my way up the WBC rankings the correct way. I just hope Mormeck will fulfil his end of the bargain on September 28 by bringing the fight and turning up with his A-game. I want Mormeck to play his part in a Hagler-Hearns-type brawl that will this time see the taller man come out on top.”

The aggressive and stocky Mormeck, 33-3 (22 KO), will hear this call to ‘bring the fight’ loud and clear. Always one for a tear-up, Mormeck has been involved in some of the most thrilling cruiserweight battles of recent years. His last slugfest – the title-winning rematch victory over O'Neil Bell – was one that Haye watched intently from ringside.

“If O'Neil Bell's sloppy right hands can leave Mormeck face-first on the canvas in their first fight, what are my straight, hard, correctly-thrown right hands going to do to him?” asks Haye. “Mormeck is a lot shorter than me and can't jab to save his life. He's going to have to get really close to land anything and, when he does, I'll be there to greet him on the way in with my heavy ‘Hayemakers’.”

“I believe I can floor and knock out Mormeck quicker than anyone has ever done before. You don't get paid overtime in this business and I'm not keen on hanging about in Mormeck's hometown. I have the ability to outbox him, but I also have the power to hurt him and take him out in style. If I don't take Mormeck out in the first three rounds, then boxing fans are simply going to get one hell of a fight.”

Though a fight of this magnitude would ignite in any location, Haye relinquished territorial advantage to the champion by agreeing to box Mormeck at the Palais des Sports Marcel Cerdan in Paris. Haye insists it is a move that will ultimately work to his advantage.

“I'm not worried about the fight being in France,” the 19-1 (18 KO) ex-European champion admits. “I visited the same venue in March to see Mormeck win the titles against Bell and the atmosphere and arena was excellent. I really enjoyed it, and, to be honest, a part of me actually hoped my fight with Mormeck would be there. I can't wait to silence all the French fans by banging out their boy early doors.

“Don King made me an offer to fight in France which I simply couldn't refuse. I am extremely happy about every aspect of the contract and I can't wait to box for the undisputed world cruiserweight titles.”

Haye adds: “The judges don't concern me, either. They probably won't even be needed, as I'll be packing my own judge, jury and executioner on the night of the fight in the form of my jab, right hand and left hook. There's no chance of a re-trial here - Mormeck's going to be sent straight to the gallows.”
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