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HBO Legendary Nights return in 2008 with 6 new installments.

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In 2003, HBO Sports introduced “Legendary Nights,” a 12-part documentary series showcasing 12 of the most memorable fights that have appeared on HBO.

The series notched a Sports Emmy for “Outstanding Edited Sports Series/Anthology.”

Ross Greenburg, president of HBO Sports, and Rick Bernstein, executive producer of HBO Sports, announced today that they will revisit the series next year.

In the 2008 programming year, HBO Sports will return with a fresh six-week installment of “Legendary Nights.” The six new shows will be hand-picked from the fight library of HBO, which is in its 35th year of televising the best in professional boxing.
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i have no idea, i assume some of the updated fights, prob barrera/morales, probabley some of the great trilogies will be included.
mmm... sounds exciting... hopefully its not to up to date... 2002-2007 isnt too classic yet
I agree with that one Prince. I don't want to see Corrales/Castillo on there. I think everyone has seen that fight a million times.
I want to see some fights that weren't necessarily "big" but were amazing.
haha naseem hamed anyone?... I always gotta bring that guy up
Lets think about it and come up with some fight we think is worthy of being on LN
Gatti v ward trilogy < Defo
morales v barrera trilogy
corrales v castillo
hoya v mayweather

i think these fights should be included
Take Mayweather vs. DLH out. Corales vs. Castillo out. This is just my opinion, but I want great fights that aren't that well remembered.
gatti ward would be awesome. Non boxing fans dont know much about either of these fighters and no belst were on the line but what great great fights they were. They did one of chavez/taylor last time. I think they should have updated ones. The ones that impacted history. im sure they are having just as much trouble as we are. i would definently like to see, barrera/morales, gatti/ward as 2 of them. i wouldnt even mind mosley/delahoya being atlked about for their 2 great fights.
gatti v ward 1 and 3 where incredible the trilogy should definetly be there
this fight is looked past alot and even though it was against a not so great heavyweight, JONES/RUIZ should defeinently be talked about, alot people forget about this and the kind of history Jones made by being the first to do so in 106 years.
Julio Cesar Chavez VS Kostya Tsyzu I'd love to see that
All are good suggestions guys. I knew you would suggest a RJJ fight lance! ;)
lol you know it, as long as its not the dumb tarver trilogy.
LMAO. Yea Tarver is the man! Ha.
thats it, shirt is coming off!!!!!!!!!!:D
1 - 20 of 29 Posts
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