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I have a Twins Headgear with chin protection, and have been thinking of getting a different one. i don't really NEED the chin protection for boxing, I bought this for MT, where i did!
I haven't seen many reviews of headgear and wanted to get some opinions. I am looking at the Grant Pro, or the Reyes, but I'm still open (looking at those to match my gloves. yes I know how that sounds:).
Any opinion on the Title Gel etc?
I wanted to go with winning but they are synthetic leather (which I will never understand).
let me know what you think.
I'm looking to protect the nose, so I am wondering how thick the cheek pads are. I look like Rudolph the red-nosed frickin reindeer after sparring the
6'5" boxer I'm training! Dosen't look good at the office.
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