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Heavy bag height and weight

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Hi all just about to get a heavy bag from ebay. Just a couple quick questions. 1 height what sort of height should i be looking at (im just over 6 foot) would a 4ft bag be ok? I havnt put the bracket up yet but its going to be on the outside wall of my house so i can hang it quite high. IM probably not a hard hitter and i weigh about 170 pounds so what weight should i be looking for? I was concerned that a 4ft bag would move too too much ??But on the other hand its got to be (this sounds strange) relativly light that i can put it up and down as i dont want it left outside. Any advice appreciated!
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I personaly like the heavier bags because you can get a better work out. The bags I use are around 6ft tall though.
Hmm so would you say its just personal preferance? Ill probably end up going for a 5 ft bag. Should you hang it in this case so youre hitting above the middle for youre height? These probably seem like dumb questions but i wont be able to afford a different bag if i get the wrong one lol
heavy bags are better to work harder. smallers don't allow you to develope your punchs as powerful as heaviers.
Thnx for the reply but i bought one ages ago lol 75lb tko canvas does the job may need 100lber one day but this is great for now
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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