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heavy bag stands...good or bad?

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i'm planning on buying a stand that holds both a heavybag and speedbag platform. but i was wondering if anybody on here has experience with one and if they were unhappy with the investment. i want one so i dont have to put holes in the drywall where i live and dont want to reinforce the rafter i'd hang a bag from. but one think i think i might not like about the stands is it has broad legs on it that i think would prevent you from using any foot movement when working the heavybag. any thoughts?
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I don't have one and won't get one because you can't circle it. Also you have to stand on the side and hit it away from the stand. The speedbag part is fine if you can adjust the height.:cool:
this stand allows the speedbag platform to be adjusted 180 degrees depending on which way u want it to face and it has about a 18 inch height adjustment so that part of it is nice. i'm pretty sure the heavy bag can be hit straight on cus it sits out a ways from the uprights of the frame. but your right, u cant circle it. i just dont know if the ability to circle the bag is worth more to me then doing the work and putting a hole in the ceiling ya know. just wondering what somebody else would do.
I purchased one of these combo stands a couple years back, and I was pretty dissapointed with it. Not only can you not circle the bag which is crucial to practicing your movement and footwork, but the speedbag platforms on MOST of these stands are NOT stable. (Meaning, they wobble a bit and offer TERRIBLE performance) When your hitting a speedbag, it needs to rebound against a solid anchored base, and these stands just dont provide that in my experience. Ill post some pics of what I did in the next day or two. Remeber, a little spackle and touch up isnt that bad or difficult to do. If you plan on being there a while, its well worth it to hang it up right.
I can only get to the gym one time per week. I have my first fight coming up and I really needed to get as much of any type of training as possible. So I recently purchased an Everlast stand. My apartment is farely small but I managed to clear out enough space. I also purchased a small round timer for $15. The timer is great with the exception that it doesn't have a 30 second or 10 second warning. The previous comments about not being able to circle the bag are correct. I like the stand alot and am really glad that I got it. However, I am a beginner and have really had to make some pretty extreme decisions to help my training. I would doubt that a more experienced fighter would have too much to gain from a stand as opposed to hanging a bag from a ceiling.
my freinds got the TKO stand and it's not that good even when it's wieghted down
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