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Heavyweight Tourney

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Hi all, round robin format.

Jack Johnson
Vitali Klitschko

Joe Frazier
George Foreman

Lennox Lewis
Jack Dempsey

Riddick Bowe
Muhammed Ali

Rocky Marciano
Sonny Liston

Mike Tyson
Wladmir Klitschko

Joe Louis
Evander Holyfield

Ken Norton
Floyd Patterson

Others like Sullivan, Mercer, Moorer, Morrison, Johansen and so forth could be good entries but the list would be endless and interchangable.


Have a good day
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Jack Johnson UD (10-5) Vitali Klitschko

Joe Frazier Ko'd 5 George Foreman

Lennox Lewis SD 8-7 Jack Dempsey

Riddick Bowe UD 11-4 Muhammed Ali

Rocky Marciano TKO 12 Sonny Liston

Mike Tyson TKO 3 Wladmir Klitschko

Joe Louis UD 10-5 Evander Holyfield

Ken Norton MD 8-7 Floyd Patterson

Jack Johnson 9-6 UD over Foreman

Ali UD 9-6 Lennox Lewis

Marciano TKO 9 Tyson

Louis TKO 4 Patterson


Ali SD 8-7 Johnson

Louis MD 8-7 Marciano

Louis UD 9-6 Ali
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Thanks ever so much, couldn't agree more...except :)..... I have Rocky winning.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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