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first sorry if this is in the wrong forum?

i have been boxing for over half a year now at my university but now that summer is here i would like to continue doing so at home. i have been looking over the internet and would appreciate any help/advice people can give that would help me choose a decent setup for my garage. i am by no means a pro and only really box to keep fit. i had the following in mind...

as you can see most are from ebay as they seem to provide the best price? should i be getting kits like this or building my own? also how big should i get the bag? i have around +/- £50 to spend is this is possible.

many thanks in advance :)

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Hey man, I am no boxing expert, and am actually getting a garage set-up just like you. I would say stay away from the kits you have mentioned for a couple reasons. First you may not use everything you are getting, and secondly it may be crappy stuff. My advice would be just pick up what you need as you need it. I would also caution you to do your research on what you are buying before making the purchase. I cant tell you how many times I have bought something, then after doing a little more research, found something I would rather have. Also, dont go cheap. You will probably end up replacing it anyway, so make sure you get what you will be happy with in the long run.
As far as what equipment to get, are you woking out solo or with a buddy?
My Set-up:
Heavy Bag, (or Muay Thai bag if you are kick boxing).
Focus Mitts, (if you have a buddy, tons of fun).
Belly Pad, (shots or kicks to body).
Muay Thai Pads, (only for kick boxing obviously).
Jump Rope
Bag gloves

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Both provide PROFESSIONAL quality gear for good prices. I picked up my whole setup at ringside, and that is what we also use at the gym that I train at. I recommend getting quality so it will last and have some value if you ever want to sell. Like the post above said, just get the most important pieces first, and add on as you need them. Heavy bag, handwraps, and bag gloves are all u need to start out.
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