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HOLY ****...OSCAR - vs - FLOYD ; MAY 5th, 2007

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There has been a tentative agreement for a bout next May between Oscar DeLaHoya and Floyd Mayweather Jr. Good God this is a potential blockbuster ! It will be for Oscar's title at 154 pounds.

A few random thoughts...Rarely does Oscar take a fight that he doesn't think he can win. That is not saying he ducked anybody. I have great respect for Oscar. He fought the best out there in his era...Whitaker, Trinidad, Quartey, Vargas, Hopkins, Mayorga... He ducked no one, a true champion.

I like this match up, especially at 154. This is a very good weight for Oscar. Yes, Floyd handled a bigger, stronger Carlos Baldomir but we're talking apples and oranges. De La Hoya is much better technical boxer then Baldomir could ever hope to be. Floyd handled the strength, but can he handle the style ?

I honestly believe Oscar would have never taken this fight unless he felt he had a legitimate chance of winning it. You know what ? I think he does. Every great fighter has one great fight left in him. Oscar is a great fighter. I really see him rising to the occasion. A win over Floyd would forever seal his legacy.

Don't get me wrong, I like Floyd. He is a great, great talent. I just feel he may have bit off a little more then he can chew this time.
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mega blockbuster, and many no doubt are going to watch it. including myself,im looking for a win by floyd. hopefully if all goes well the fight is set and floyd is able to give de la hoya a boxing lesson, like de la hoya says it.
Come on oscar. I am 100 % behind de la hoya. I think floyd is the best fighter in the world but if anyone can beat him its de la hoya. de la hoya ko11
Wow this should be an epic fight for either fighter..........have to go with the golden boy despite ring rust
i still say that this will turn out to be 3 fights. Oscar will win the first one. then Floyd then the rubber match. this 3 fight saga will go down as the best ever and will generate at least 350 million dollars.
1st fight Oscar 25 mil Floyd 15mil
2nd fight Oscar 35 mil Floyd 23.5mil
3rd fight in June 2008 Oscar 43mil Floyd 34mil
You guys think I got that about right?
you may be right!!!

but pretty boy win the first one to set up the rematch,golden boy win the 2nd,the 3rd fight is even money....note oscar get the most money the 1st and pretty boy get the most the 2nd fight...
its all about the money!!!!

I live in Grand Rapids.mich and watch floyd grow up,know his Dad (defence) is what"s going to win the fight i 'm sure floyd will be able to hit oscar when he wants to.but its going to be a fight that no one expects from floyd and their is a lot of reasons why he wants to be is to the best of all time,which oscar is the only fighter out there thats in his way..Roy is done,B-hop is done,J taylor shouldn"t be champ in the middle weight divison,no true heavy weight that brings the house lets give floyd his due its his time.....:laugh:
gharris46 nobody is gonna make more money than the golden boy. even if he does lose the first fight he will still get the bigger purse in the other fights. and you said that you watched him grow up. Then you must know the Molson family?
those are some pretty good predictions you have PRETTYBOYWHO.
Mayweather, this is the canvas. Canvas, this is Mayweather.

I must be a thread killer. I posted a thread about this days ago and it just rolled right down and off the page. Oh well. :dunno:

I've been reading a lot of opinions about this fight on other boxing forums and I've been really surprised at how quickly people are dismissing Oscar to the point that he might as well be Baldomir. I'm like you're off your nut!

There is a very serious chance that Mayweather will have a real reason to cry come May 7th IF the deal can stay together. I may have suicidal tendencies but holding my breath is not one of the ways I would plan to go. :cheeky4:
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