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Hopkins vs. Winky Undercard...

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Golden Boy Promotions has officially announced the PPV undercard of Hopkins vs. Wright "Coming to Fight" on July 21 in Las Vegas. As reported a few stories down, undefeated WBO Interim lightweight champion Michael Katsidis (22-0, 20 KOs) takes on Czar Amonsot (18-2-1 10 KOs). The other televised fight will feature former world champion Oscar "Chololo" Larios (59-5-1, 37 KOs) against undefeated WBA #1 rated Jorge Linares (23-0, 14 KOs) for the vacant WBC interim featherweight championship. "This fight is very important to me because if I lose, it could be the end of my boxing career," said Larios. "I am ready to fight until the end to win this fight and another world championship belt. As the fight was originally scheduled for May, I am in excellent shape and ready to put it all on the line." Linares will be making his U.S. debut against Larios in what will be his toughest test to date. "This is my opportunity to show the American fight fans my strength and ability in the ring," said Linares. "Las Vegas is a great place for my debut as so many great champions have fought on boxing's main stage. I want to win this title for Venezuela like my countryman, the great Antonio Esparragoza did." The three-bout Hopkins vs. Wright HBO Pay-Per-View telecast has a suggested retail price of $49.95.
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were all the names announced for the undercard?
Those are the only two that have been released as of now. There are only three fights televised so far including the Hopkins fight, with a possibility of a fourth being thrown in.
Librado Andrade VS ?
Enrique Ornelas VS ?

Those are the other 2 fights... I'm excited to see Larios in action again
I am too. I saw those names but no opponents. Andrade will surely win his fight. I would like to see it televised.
Id like to see Andrade too, he isnt particularly skilled but has alot of heart. It seems a pretty decent undercard really, that Katsidis guy is pretty good.
thats one weak card, i was hoping for something better to give me a reason to buy it.
I agree Lance. I will buy either way. I can't help it.
the undercard sucks!!

its on free here so i'll be watching though.
ill be out of x files by then, il probabley buy it anyywayz, whats another 50 bucks. ANyone wanna buy some fights form me to support all my ppv buying.:laugh:
house party... with a pot to pay for the fight... thats the solution for ppv fights
lol i would but i cant stand alot of people talking and chewing their food loudly while i watch a boxing match.
i also hate when people yell at the screen when a jab happens
I always have parties for fights. My surround sound is loud enough that I don't hear a damn thing other than the fight.
lucky... i wish ppv was in HD cuz... HD fights are the greatest creation
PrinceNaseem said:
lucky... i wish ppv was in HD cuz... HD fights are the greatest creation
If you have DISH they have a HBOHD channel that shows all of the PPV fights HBO televises in HD. The Mayweather-DLH fight was shown in HD as well as Cotto/Judah and Malignaggi/Ndou. It is soooooooo much better.
While I wouldnt mind seeing Larios fight again, this card doesnt do it enough for me to pay $50. I love B-Hop, but I can wait a week to see the replay in HD.
I wish I could wait that week, but unfortunately I feel behind if I do.
Lucky its on free over here:laugh: Il tape it on Sky+ and watch it in the morning:p
That is awesome that you guys get so many free fights.
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