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I go to Larry Holmes's gym on Tuesdays and Wednsdays. I stretch for about 2 min, then for 3, 3 min rounds I shadowbox and dance around in the ring at the same time. For example I might dance from one corner to the one diaganoly across from it and I dance next to the ropes to get there. Then I shadow box from one corner to another and repeat that routine. After that I put the gloves on (I rap my handds when I first get to the gym) and hit the heavy bag for 4, 3 min rounds. After that I go over to the incline board set it to a 45-60 degree angle and do 4 sets of 15 with a 5 lb weight. Then I do the mits for 4-5, 3 min rounds. After that I hit the speed bag for 3, 3min rounds. Then I go jump rope for 3-4 rounds. Then I ride the stationary bike for 10 min. After that I tie the rope up to 2 polls and bob and weave from one end to the other. After that I go home. ;)
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