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How much money does a heavyweight makes/fight?

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Does anybody know much money an amateur heavyweight boxer makes/fight?
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I think you dont get payed anything for amateur boxing. Its 100% for enjoyment i believe.
Amateur boxing is not a paying venture. You start making money once you turn professional.
thats not entirely true gus, some promoters will pay some sort of cash for to fill there undercards, ive recieved £60 for a fight which is around $120, not bad for a 1st round demolishin

but obviously if you want to make cash fighting the pro ranks is where its at, even thats a struggle though if your not ranked.
There is no money to be made in the amateurs for fighting.
Athorn4941 said:
I completely agree.

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Yea I noticed that. He got pissed or something.
Yea LL you're right. That dude is out of here. He got all emotional and lost it.
Didn't someone just post this in the general discussion area?
Quit Reposting The Same Thing
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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