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Howard Eastman

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What do you know about and think of this somewhat lanky middleweight boxer from Great Britain? A bit of a latecomer to the game (hopefully like me sooner or later) by turning Pro at 23... and is yet to achieve great success! He is coming up on 36 years of... is this man a pretty good boxer and can you see him as a World Champion?
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eastman is a quality boxer. He has been in with bernard hopkins and many other great boxers. He always puts up a good fight and if u look on boxrec you will find that out. I dont think howard could win a world title now.
I agree with you. Its undeniable that Eastman has skills, but his better days are behind him now. He has had a nice career getting fights with good competition, but who would WANT to give him a title shot? I dont ever see him holding a belt.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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