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Ok, so I'm a south paw. I have a Mayweather type defense but switched cuase im a lefty ( left hand up guarding my face, right hand down in an L shape covering my body.

I find this defense very effective against right handers becuase its easy to roll my right shoulder infront of left hooks.

The problem begins when i fight another southpaw. When another southpaw throws a jab and Left hand I can sually get away from them with some head movement. But when he thows a Jab, left, right hook, left hand. I usually end up eating the last left hand. The 1st 2 punchs get me on the back foot, and ill roll or use my coked back left hand to swat away the incoming left hand. But when i used my left hand to hit away the incoming left hand i then have to get it back to block the incoming right hook. And when i have my hand on the side of my head covering the right right hook, for the last left hand comes in a downward angle over my right shoulder, and i eat the lef thand.

how do i get away from this? In that situation.

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