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i got cheap shoted but Im still the champ

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check dis out last week i go to the boxing gym and some **** works der he's an amauter boxer he boxed for 2 years and i boxed for 2 years. we got in the ring i was landing more punches then him he had trouble with my jab and my right hand especially my jab because he couldnt do **** then at the end of the round he got me with a couple of uppercuts. i took them easily then i heard some bell ring. and he said wat thas the 30 seconds and i havent been in that gym in a while so i forgot how the bells work and he said ah u a bitch dawg and i realized theres still like 20 seconds left in the round so i come up to him he sees me coming tho i go BOOM BOOM BOOM like 5 times in his head and thas it round ended and i got out the ring. i won the fight. then he comes up to me starts exchanging words wit me he pushes me i turned around and said man your a waste of time. he comes from behind and tackles me like a ****** NFL player and starts punching me and kickin me on my head i started covering my face and then he picked me up thas wen i got couple hits on his head he thru me on the ground i tryed getting up but he got me blindside and he kept bashing me in my head and then they stopped it and i got up i was clean so im cool in bout a week im a challenge this **** to a round 3 in da ring or the street dont matter to me all i know is Im gonna win so wat do yall think about this??
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Well if its between the ring or the street, keep it in the ring. Thats the difference between "professionals" and non professionals. Professionals usually act with more class and...well, professionalism.
Totally agree with Cap'tn. I would never use my boxing training in the street unless forced to. I grew up in a tough neighborhood and I like to avoid reliving that for myself and my children.
If I were you the next you and him got in the ring I would keep it clean but give him a beating he's never goten before. I also agree with Captainobvious99, and Word2Action.
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