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i'm personally less into the organisation and more into the randomness. maybe in the mornings and whenever u got free time just do what u feel u need to work on for most benefit... nature has it's random way which still gets all things done...

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Well, Ive sort of worked into a routine at my gym. After going there a little over a year now, Ive figured out when everyone is going to do what. I will post my routine, and if you like it, use it, and if you don't, then oh well.

All rounds are 3 minutes and I'm not going to include what I do to stretch.

1. 3 rounds of shadow boxing and ring work mixed in with each other.

2. Hit the heavybag for 4 rounds, and at the final 30 seconds of each round, just punch it as fast and hard as I can.

3. Do 80 sit ups in a row with a 5lb weight on my chest and on an incline board on a 45 degree angle.

4. Hit the mits for 3-4 rounds.

5. Bob and weave under the rope for 2 rounds.

6. Jump rope for 3 rounds.

7. Hit the speed bag if its open or up.

8. Hit the double end bag if its up

9. Walk on the tread mill for 15 min.
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