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I will have streams for tonights Mayweather fight

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I'll have live streams for Mayweather/Oscar 2night, I host em myself off my own bandwith server so it will be crystal clear quality and no buffering (if you have dsl or cable). I can let you test out a test link to make sure everythign can go right and show you teh quality of my streams. I can save you a bunch of money like I did to plenty of people here like homicide187,rajah a couple of times, and plenty of others. We can work something out, paypal is what i use (I dont charge much), just im me at nexti3victim943 or give me a pm. I do every wwe, ufc, tna, pride, sporting event ppv. it'll cost. It costs 15 dollars
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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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