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I'm new and I need some info...

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Hello. I've never been to this site before. I'm not a boxer myself but I do love the sport. I think its great. The reason I'm here is because I'm a writer. I'm writing a story about a washed up boxer. Don't worry, it's not a cheesy "Rocky" type story, it's actually not that much about boxing at all. It does have some boxing scenes in it and I wanted to get some realism in these scenes. What I'd really like to know is what it feels like when you've been fighting round after round after round. I've been exhausted before, but I can't imagine it's anything like a couple rounds of getting punched while dancing around. I'd also like to know what it feels like when you get knocked out. Is it just straight up darkeness, and then you come to, kind of like when you faint, or is it different? I've never been knocked out by anything and I don't know what that feels like so I figured I'd try to get a real boxer's perspective instead of just someone who hit his head real hard. Also, if you'd like to expand on the general euphoria you feel when you step in the ring. I know you guys don't know me, and this might be a strange request, but I'd like to get something real in this story. Anything anyone can offer would be greatly, greatly appreciated. I would be so grateful for anything anyone can tell me about stepping into that ring. Thank you again in advance.
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Kay well..First time going up against a person i was cocky and swore i was gonna win this sparring match and my cockiness gave me a Bump on the bridge of my nose. Now going into the ring i get nervous. Legs kinda get weak by it and stamina gets killed by the nervousness. I've never been knocked out but i was sparring my friend yesterday and he was 199Ibs and I'm 114Ibs and he hit me with an open glove straight to my forehead and i felt my whole brain shake lol. He didn't do it so hard though but he had power even with an open glove. I felt a sharp pain in the back of my head inside and later on i got headaches like around 12 am. Today i also had a headache but not as bad. Going on a heavy bag for rounds and rounds gets very exhausting just like it does fighting someone. Fighting will exhaust you faster. When exhausted your legs tend to give up on you and you get very sloppy. If you're very exhausted you just try to hold on or get away from the person to breathe. Thats the most i can help you with cause thats how i get if i'm exhausted
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actually yesterday i had an experience where i thought i was going to be knocked out. im a 16 year old and i was boxing a 31 year old. i was nervous but confident in my jaws. i put my gloves down for a split second and i got caught with a right hook to the side of my nose everything went blurry i felt dizzy and my legs practically just gave out. You really dont have control over anything for that little period of time that i compare to vertigo or along those lines.I hope I could be of help to you and goodluck with the book. send me the name of it when its finish idreally like to check it out.
Thanks for the information, I really do appreciate it. Anything else anyone can tell me?
don't know if this will help but i read what you were asking for and then read an interveuw between Jeff "Left Hook" Lacy and everlast and figuered i would share the info. if you want the rest of the interveiw go to and in the botom right corner of the front page will be a link for interviews

E: You’ve knocked out plenty of guys in the ring, but have you ever been hurt?
JL:. Oh yeah. Of course. But I’ve been able to keep it together. I’ve learned from it. It’s like, “Yeah, you’re hurt, but you can weather this. You’re alright.” And knowing that I can end the fight with one punch always makes me feel better. Just make one mistake and I got you.

E: Talk about what it’s like to knock someone out. How does it feel?
JL: There’s nothing like it. I can feel the physical strength going away from that fighter. I can feel it going away every round. I can feel when a guy is punched out. I can feel when a guy has given his last Hail Mary. Once that happens, it’s time to end it. Good thing for me that I’m one of the best finishers in boxing.
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