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Hello all!

I am brand new to boxing and a seasoned boxing veteran needs my help with improving his boxing club. In helping him I have started working out in his gym and found it to be the best weight loss tool I have ever tried. I am almost 40 yrs. old and ....yeah a little over weight and waaay out of shape. I started at 230lbs and now am down to 208 and I feel great. Anyway I see so much potential here because my friend is a great coach and the kids really listen to him and want to work hard for him. The gym is currently located in an old vacant high school gymnasium so we have plenty of space....everyone likes it and its long history in that location.

I need you guys expert experience to guide me the right direction to any government assistance grants etc., for non-profit gyms like us that may be able to help raise some $$$..

I will have a zillion other questions as we go along. I am a small business owner and have found great success in volunteering and networking. Boxing is my most recent group I have added to my plate and I am very excited about it.

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