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Ok, boxing fans love to assess, pro and con, who is the best and to account for winning and losing. Excuse making is a great past time of boxing fans and I'm just as guilty of it myself. Now there has to be a winner and a loser. So basically what we are doing is making excuses for the losses of a boxer we support. However, why don't we put that aside for a moment, and let me ask the following questions.

In PURE boxing terms, what fights were the most evenly and fairly matched? I mean, where the boxers were in their prime, perfectly trained and conditioned. Therefore, there is nothing to make excuses about, and we can say, in pure boxing terms, the best man won.

It would be more interesting if you can nominate a championship fight where every thing is on the line. For me, the first Duran Leonard fight represents an unparalleled pure sporting contest where two prime boxers settle the score. Of course Duran won this fight. Now I know Duran was moving up from lightweight, so perhaps this fight doesn't qualify as Leonard had physical advantages over Duran, yet still he lost. Nevertheless this fight is for me the pure boxing spectacle. Duran's win was ever the greater, because Leonard was a worthy champion and highly skilled boxer. Of course he learnd never to stand in front of Duran again, so he ran like chicken %&*@ in the 2nd fight, even falling over himself at one point, trying to avoid him.

Anyway, I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts on the matter and to watch the fights you mention, if I already haven't done so.
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