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Hey all.... I’m looking for people who would be interested in having their diet assessed, and are under 18 (as my study is focused on youth athletes). I'm in the UK, so would be awesome if I can get a lot of UK boxers (UK based boxers would be preferrable as the questionnaire is based upon typical British foods). For my Masters dissertation (sports nutrition) I have designed a food questionnaire as a quick means of assessing dietary intake and I need some people willing to help me out with study to complete the questionnaire and also to complete a diet diary. I can then see if the questionnaire provides an acceptable level of accuracy.

As to what you can get out of it, I will of course be using an accepted method of dietary assessment to compare the questionnaire findings with, so I can comment on your quality of diet, and maybe suggest some things to change, or let you know if you are doing the right things.

What is required?
You would have to first fill in the questionnaire which should take about 15-20 minutes, and also complete a three day food diary. The food diary would require you to record the foods you eat on three days. I won’t require you to weigh foods that aren’t packaged (weighed diaries can take up too much time), but would require a little detail on portion, brands etc. All of this can be emailed, and shouldn't take up too much of your time, but should give a good idea of your diet.

If you are interested in this, or want to know a little more, please give me a pm or email at [email protected]

Hopefully hear from some of you soon, and able to help some of you out.

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