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"Irish" Micky Ward

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For starters... let me just say that I am a huge fan of "Irish" Micky Ward. He may have never won a Major World Championship... he may have received some brutal beatings during his time... and he may not even be considered that good a Boxer by some of you... but I like him!

I like what he stood for!

He had a never say die attitude!

He didn't succumb to politics and greed!

He showed courage in the ring that you hardly ever see in boxing these days... and most of all... I play as him most of the time on Fight Night
: Round 3

I am so good with him... I'm almost unbeatable... and there's something about that Brutal Irish Left Hook to the body.

I love the fact that one of my favourite bands... "The Dropkick Murphys"... released their latest album "The Warriors Code" with him on the front cover... and in tribute to him.

The Title Track was also made out to him... it's a great song!

I also hear that Mark Wahlberg is gonna be in a movie about him called "The Fighter" in 2009... he'd have to lose a lot of Pounds if he is going to play a Welterweight... he has got way too much muscle... he is around about the right height though!

Anyways... the point I'm trying to make is this... in all honesty... not to offend Micky Ward and his fans (because I am a fan of Micky Ward as well)... but...

Would we have even known about Micky Ward if not for The Trilogy with Arturo Gatti (who was already a much more famous and well-known Boxer than Micky Ward)? And... to a lesser extent... his fight with Journeyman Emmanual Steward who has something like 34 Wins... 6 Draws and a Whopping 28 Defeats?

Sure... 3 of these 4 Fights won "FIGHT OF THE YEAR"... but what of Micky Ward before that?

If he retired before these events... or if these events never happened... would we have known about Micky Ward very much?

Would the legend have begun?

Would there be a movie made about him?

I don't mean to be rude but... NO... I don't think so!

I reckon if he never came across Steward and Gatti... Ward would be a nobody!!!:cool:

Some people are even cruel and say that "GATTI MADE WARD"... because Gatti... overall... was a better Boxer AND accomplished a lot more!

I don't think Gatti made Ward... it was just a really great trilogy of fights that "somewhat saved boxing!"

But I reckon Ward would be a nobody if not for Gatti... and maybe even his fight with Steward... do you agree with me or not and please be as brutally honest as you possibly can be! ~ White Tyson!!!
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Dude I would kill you if you used Mickey Ward. I haven't lost a fight night bout in 5 years dating back to round 2. I don't like round three as much because there is no Floyd. I would bet my house on a match with anyone against me using floyd in round two as long as it was same weightclass. The SLOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW power shots on round three are unrealistic and leave you ooooooppppppeeeeennnnn for days to get caught up. I really hate it. It doesn't take a boxer 2 full seconds to throw a power punch. LOL we're talking about video games...What do you use tyson? I'm on 360
id punk anybody on this forum at round 3. im on 360 to by the way. lol
tommygunn said:
id punk anybody on this forum at round 3. im on 360 to by the way. lol
Im not on the 360 because I dont mess with the Xbox but I am on the PS2 and im unbeatable in Fight Night. It dont matter witch one it is. Im still the king of Knock out Kings.:D
Ok lets stop all the trash talk everyone knows I'm the best on fight night. I'll take any fighter in the same weight class and use him to beat your best fighter thats how good I am. Too bad I sold the game cause no one could compete with me. Maybe I should go buy it again so I can pwn you noobs.
This thread wasn't supposed to be about X-BOX of Fight Night: Round 3... it was about your overall opinions and thoughts of "Irish" Micky Ward OK? :thumbsup:
Apologies. I loved watching him fight because it was gauranteed to be raw and uncut wars. He is one the quickest boxers to just throw defense out the window and trade! His fights with Arturo Gatti were pure entertainment! I wish those two would have just fought each other 20 times!!! :)
Micky Ward was a true fighter. He would start out as a boxer, puncher and after he got hit he would just throw caution out the window and start throwing punches, especially left hooks to the body. I don't think he was ever in a dull fight.
He wasn't! Almost all of his fights were entertaining but that's about it sadly.
ward was never great, he was good prob a solid b-level fighter. you always got your moneys worth though.

does anyone remember his win over shay neary? that was probably his best performance.
I wish he won at least ONE World Championship... I really do... even if he lost it in his first defence.
I remember that fight tommy. And I agree tyson, he never left anything in the ring and always busted his ass!
PrettyBoyFloyd said:
I remember that fight tommy. And I agree tyson, he never left anything in the ring and always busted his ass!
wasn't the neray fight for one of the alphabet soup titles? WBU if i remember.
Yea I believe so. WBU haha. Just throw some letters together and make a plastic belt and we'll have a "title" fight!!! :)
PrettyBoyFloyd said:
He wasn't! Almost all of his fights were entertaining but that's about it sadly.
i dont condider that sad. he gave the fans their moneys worth unlike PBF. PBF is great but hes not exciting. i dont care if its hit and not get hit. a true champ/great is willing to take shots and give them back. not run and pop-shot.
but i have all the respect for Floyd and his skills. i just dont get excited watching him much.

damn i didnt realize how old this thread was.
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