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Is arrogance the only reason we say that certain boxers are overrated?

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When a boxer is incredibly arrogant... you tend to dislike them... a lot? For example...

Roy Jones Jr.

Floyd Mayweather Jr.

and as much as it pains me to say it...

Anthony Mundine (in Australia that is... not the world stage if you ask me)...

Because of their big mouths... shameless self-promotion tactics... and everything in between... we tend to dislike them... and thus reckon that they're not very good boxers at all!

Is the fact that a boxer is arrogant the only reason we believe that they're not that good at boxing?

Or should we all swallow our proud and say "He may be arrogant... but he is a really good boxer!!!"?:cheeky4:
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That's why so many people don't give Floyd his due respect. RJJ had way more fans than Floyd because he was a KO guy. If Floyd didn't speak and what not and if he acted like Oscar (GOD FORBID) he would have more fans, but he wouldn't be Floyd.
i wouldn't say i dont like fighters because there arogant ot cocky after all hamed was my boy before he retired.
If Floyd didn't call him self the best ever and run his mouth about living legends(Sugar Ray), who would have destroyed Floyd hed have more fans and respect. The guy does have the talent.
talent and heart are a great combonation in the sport, oscar has both floyd doesn't.
I feel like floyd is gonna regret being so outspoken. It's just looking too "shady" that oscar's sitting back calmly, while floyd is talking up a storm.
No matter who you are...

No matter what you do...

If you're arrogant...

I don't like you!!!
I concur;

I tend to dislike overbearing and arrogant boxers such as Flody, oops I mean Floyd, Mayweather (unless they do it in a charismatic way like Muhammad Ali, or in an amusing fashion such as Naseem Hamed), but I give them their dues. I consider Floyd one of the best boxers out there — I simply dislike his attitude and think it can put people off boxing, especially if they have only newly come to the sport.
lets see, ali claimed he was greatest, sugar ray leonard did the same, prince naseem did, rj did, now we got a new generation one, floyd mayweather. Lets look at this list. It seems to me that all the guys on this list are living legends and i dont care if you like them or not. And dont give me this **** about how prince got whipped and rj got knocked out. Who cares, ali got knocked out, sugar ray leonard got knocked out. All great champions come to an end. Floyd is being smart and getting out while he is on top and as much as i wish he would continue fighting that right there is smarts. I tend to like the arrogance. without boxing would be boring. You gotta mix things up a bit.
The difference in the guys you named and Floyd is that they fought the best fighters out there. What is this guy on top of? To be the best you have to fight the best! Floyd himself said that Gatti was a "C" level fighter. Yet his fans give him props for fighting this type of competion. Floyd is so worried about a perfect record that not only is he cheating us as boxing fans but himself to show just how good he really is. As Tommygunn put it, he has no heart.
It's not arrogance if you can back it up... and mind you... I always thought of Muhammad Ali as "ASSERTIVE!!!":D
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