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Is Ouma " Tailor " Made For Taylor ?

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Middleweight champion Jermain Taylor will take on former junior middleweight titleholder Kassim Ouma in his hometown this weekend. This is a good showcase fight for the talented Taylor after two bouts with Bernard Hopkins and a match with clever Winky Wright. Although Ouma is a good fighter with a name and a reputation, do you honestly think team Taylor would pick a boxer they weren't sure he was going to beat in Little Rock ?

Ouma is moving up in weight. Taylor is a big middleweight. I see him soon moving to 168 and eventually to 175. I see Ouma putting up a good fight in the early rounds but Taylor will take over and dominate. I cannot see this fight going the distance.

Then I'll be ready for Jermain Taylor -vs- Kelly Pavlik...
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I think Taylor had an off night with Winky and he still drawed
with him, so I think he will come out to prove a point

Taylor KO 5
uma did'n looked toogood his last time out taylor inside seven rounds
I dont think it will be Pavlik next I think its gonna be Sergio Mora, then Taylor will move up.
Ouma will stand right in front of Taylor and he will be koed in the 7th round. Taylor will beat him up through out the fight. And yes Taylor did have a off night against Winky if there was to be a rematch Taylor would win ko9.
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