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Is Shane Ready For Cintron ?

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I like Sugar Shane Mosley. He has been good for boxing. He was a fine
lightweight champion who jumped right to welterweight and defeated the
"Golden Boy", Oscar De La Hoya. He has had his ups and downs since. The two
losses to Vernon Forrest at 147 and two more Winky Wright at 154. In beween those losses he beat Oscar again at 154. He returned to form recently at junior middlewight by twice halting Fernando Vegas. Now Shane going back to welterweight and he will be meeting once beaten Kermit Cintron for the IBF version of the title on February 10th in Las Vegas. Is Cintron the best welterweight in the world ? No...He was destroyed in five rounds by WBO titleholder Antonio Margarito in 2005.

Shane will be returning to 147 pounds where he feels he is at his best. He has
announced that he is ready for the elite
welterweights be it Cintron, Antonio Margarito or Miguel Cotto.
Is he really ready ? Has
he done enough to deserve a title shot ?

First off, in my opinion he does deserve a title shot. He has been a
major player for a long time and who ever meets Mosley will probably get a
nice chunk of change. Mosley has marque value and his name on their record
would look impressive. Is Shane ready to fight Cintron, Margarito, Cotto or even
Floyd Mayweather Jr. ? Well that's a tough one. Shane has lost some of that
great hand speed. He is also easier to hit then in days gone by. He is still
very, very strong and that strength could prove troublesome to Cintron and
Mayweather Jr.
Margarito and Cotto are very strong welterweights but they are slower then
Floyd, Kermit and Shane. Margarito and Cotto are devastating punchers and although Shane has a
respectable chin, he has been floored and hurt in some of his fights.
Still Margarito can be outboxed as Joshua Clottey recently proved. Anyway it looks like Margarito will be meeting Miguel Cotto in June. That should be a barn burner.

How do I like his chances ? I say his best bet would be Cintron.
Kermit has a good jab and basic skills.He is also a decent hitter but he could be out muscled and out speeded by Shane.
Also Cintron's chin is OK but he's no Jake LaMotta. He fell apart against Margarito.

If Shane does beat Cintron that opens the door for bouts with the winner of Margarito - Cotto or with the winner of Mayweather Jr. - De La Hoya. Shane may be shaking things up !
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I like Shane in this matchup. I think he wins by a tko
this thread should have started is cintron ready for shane. shane has a granite chin and has been fighting against big punching guy's at 154, now he is back at 147 where he will carry his speed to cintron has no chance shane has to much skill.
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