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" It Is What It Is "

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" IT IS WHAT IT IS " Dec 23, '06 12:31 AM
by Jim for everyone

My God, in the words of Tony Soprano, that is is state of today's heavyweight division. Sad...Very sad indeed. The # 1 ranked heavyweight by most people's opinion is Wladimir Klitschko. I'm a little uncomfortable with that. Why ? Because as Corrie Sanders, Lamon Brewster, DaVaryll Williamson and Sam Peter have shown, no one will ever compare Wlad to Jake LaMotta in the chin department.

Oleg ??? I beg you not to take me there...

Valuev ??? He makes Carnera look like Muhammad Ali...

To the winner of Sam Peter-James Toney II...Good luck, you'll need it !

Shannon Briggs...His win over Sergei Liakhovich put the division back ten years and then some.

And people wonder why I live in the past ? Duh !!!!
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I dont even pay attention to the heavy weight division at this point. Until theres some real excitement there, ill be watching the smaller guys.
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