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Captainobvious99 said:
I dont even pay attention to the heavy weight division at this point. Until theres some real excitement there, ill be watching the smaller guys.
I cannot ever remember a time there hasn't over all been a a greater number of good fighters at any given time in the lighter weight divisions, however. The lighter weight divisions have never drawn the attention the heavyweights do.

They say as the heavy weight division goes so goes the sport of boxing. It's at its lowest now: there's no real star; but it seems like another great always emerges, somebody comes along for every era.

But it doesn't look like anybody's coming for this one: I hope so, but I don't see it. There are no heavy weight fighters for example like Jack Dempsey, Joe Louis, Rocky Marciano, Muhammad Ali, and Joe Frazier's caliber at the top today and none coming up the ladder.
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