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Hi - I'm a newbie, so I apologize if this thread is not a perfect fit for this forum. I've been doing research on Jackie Jurich. He was born 1/1/1918, fought in the '30s and '40s. (But you probably know all that.) Anyhow, I online searched all newspaper references -- and the last time he was referenced was when he was inducted in a California Boxing Hall of Fame in central California in the '70s. And then...nothing, no further references, certainly no obituary listing.

Certainly if he had passed away,this would have made news, don't you think? At least in Scotland, after the controversy of the April 7,1938 forfeit by Benny Lynch of the World title to American Jackie Jurich; since Lynch was 6.5 lbs overweight.

Is it possible that Jackie Jurich is still alive and well? (That would be great!) Thanks for your opinion on this.
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