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Jeff Lacy signs with goldenboy and will be on the undercard of "Undefeated"

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Jeff lacys signs with golden boy and will be fighting on the undercard of hatton/mayweather. the opponent is tba. he weighs 180 pounds fight. now.
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Its a good move for both, Jeff is at the very least an exciting fighter, with the potential of being one of the top dogs at 168 if he can improve his fundamentals abit.
Yep, when DLH is done boxing and promoting he is gonna be one rich man!
prettyboywho said:
Sense when is he a top 5 super middle weight. He aint even a super middle weight now.
Hes at 180lbs, 2 months before his fight after a long long lay-off with injury, he can still easily make the 168. Only Kessler/Calzaghe would beat him for definite, there's 2 or 3 others id favour but he could very well be number 3 in that divison. We'll have to see how he comes back.
prettyboywho said:
I dont ever see him fighting at 168 again. And I dont think he could beat

Taylor now that he might be at 168
Pavlik now that he might be at 168
And he might not even beat Manfredo Jr.

So how is he top 5
I seriously hope thats a joke.
prettyboywho said:
You right I dont box..... anymore. I dont assume anything because when you assume you make an ASS out of U and not ME. Super middle is 168 his next fight is at 180 thats light heavy. RJJ did come in fight night at 185 but he is at light heavy. Thats 175 he didnt have to try to come down to 168. Im not saying it cant be done because from what I understand Hatton walks around at 180 and comes all the way down to 140. Im saying that Lacy wont fight in that weight class anymore. He'll try his luck at light heavy.
Lacy hasnt fought for 10 months, presumably hasnt been training a great deal since his shoulder has been recovering, and is still only at 180lbs. He could easily drain down to 168 and get back upto 180 on fight night.
Lacy is hardly Gatti, i understand what your saying, but you could have used a better example lol
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