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Jeff Lacy signs with goldenboy and will be on the undercard of "Undefeated"

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Jeff lacys signs with golden boy and will be fighting on the undercard of hatton/mayweather. the opponent is tba. he weighs 180 pounds fight. now.
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This bum should be fighting on the undercard of ESPN Friday Night Fights.
TysonJones said:
thats a rediculous thing to say, the last few undercards fights we have had are from espn undercard fighters and from contenders, at least we get a top 5 supermiddleweight fighting. Just because he got whipped by calzaghe? thers no shame in that.
Sense when is he a top 5 super middle weight. He aint even a super middle weight now.
LeedsLad said:
Hes at 180lbs, 2 months before his fight after a long long lay-off with injury, he can still easily make the 168. Only Kessler/Calzaghe would beat him for definite, there's 2 or 3 others id favour but he could very well be number 3 in that divison. We'll have to see how he comes back.
I dont ever see him fighting at 168 again. And I dont think he could beat

Taylor now that he might be at 168
Pavlik now that he might be at 168
And he might not even beat Manfredo Jr.

So how is he top 5
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TysonJones said:
check the espn rankings and everything else, jeff lacy is I believe rated 4th or 5th in all organizations. like you dont box do you pbw? you assume because he weighs 180 he isnt a supermiddle? 180 isthe perfect size for suppermiddle, he can shrink down to 168 and then ballon up to 180 for fight night. Most do this anywayz, rj weighed 185 pounds in most of his lhw fights.
You right I dont box..... anymore. I dont assume anything because when you assume you make an ASS out of U and not ME. Super middle is 168 his next fight is at 180 thats light heavy. RJJ did come in fight night at 185 but he is at light heavy. Thats 175 he didnt have to try to come down to 168. Im not saying it cant be done because from what I understand Hatton walks around at 180 and comes all the way down to 140. Im saying that Lacy wont fight in that weight class anymore. He'll try his luck at light heavy.
TysonJones said:
lol dude he hasnt even started training yet at he weighs 180, are you for real? what part of anything that i said dont you understand. my facts are right on.
I NEVER said that he couldnt. I said he wont. What part of anything didnt Ya'll understand. :laugh:
TysonJones said:
thank you thank you thank you. he doesnt fight until december 8uth in the first place. and there are talks about him fighting manfredo jr, seriously, and if you think manfredo jr beats lacy lol, manfredo barely got by david no punch banks in his last fight.
Thats why I said might not beat Manfredo.:laugh:
In boxing anybody has a chance. Did anybody think that Gomez was going to beat Gatti almost as bad as Mayweather did?:dunno:
TysonJones said:
lol yeah more than 75 percent did, and it wasnt even close to what mayweather did to gatti and mayweather did this to alot better gatti.
75% of who???? And I know it was a better Gatti not much better but better. And he beat him bad. Floyd punished him and Gomez beat him up.
LeedsLad said:
Lacy is hardly Gatti, i understand what your saying, but you could have used a better example lol
I know I could have but that was the first one that came to mind. LoL
TommyGunn said:
what the hell is this talk about lacy not fighting at 168?

he's only 180 lbs, thats only 12 pounds he has to shift in 2 months, fighters have been known to shift 12 pounds in 7 days, jeff will make weight very, very, very, very, very, very, easily!
He just got down from being over 200lbs.
2000 United States Olympian and Former World Super Middleweight boxing Champion Jeff "Left Hook" Lacy has accomplished more in a few short years than most fighters do in an entire career, but Lacy is far from done in his quest for greatness and will now have Golden Boy Promotions in his corner to guide him.

"This was the perfect fit for me at this point in my career and I'm excited about joining the other great fighters on the Golden Boy Promotions team," said the 30-year-old Lacy, owner of a 22-1 record with 17 knockouts. "I'm looking forward to getting back in the ring and showing everyone that I'm one of the best fighters in the world today. Most importantly, I want my title back, and I'm going get it in 2008."

Golden Boy Promotions President Oscar de la Hoya added, "I've followed Jeff's career since he was an amateur and I always considered him not only one of the most talented fighters out there, but one of the most exciting. The fans will be in for a treat every time he steps into the ring, and we're proud to have him on our team."

A stellar amateur who compiled a record of 209-12 over a career that culminated in a trip to the 2000 Olympic Games, Lacy has gone on to take the pro boxing world by storm with his concussive power, aggressive style and charismatic personality. The St. Petersburg, Florida native won the World Super Middleweight Title in just his 18th pro fight when he stopped Syd Vanderpool in eight rounds on October 2, 2004. Lacy defended his title four times before falling short via decision in a unification bout against Joe Calzaghe in March of 2006 on Calzaghe's home turf in England. Undeterred, Lacy returned to the ring with a gritty decision win over Vitali Tsypko in December of 2006, but suffered a torn left rotator cuff in the bout. Now healthy and itching to get back into the ring, "Left Hook" is ready to wreck havoc on the 168-pound and 175-pound divisions.

I doubt 168 maybe 1 fight there. Because he wants Tarver bad.
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