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Jermain Taylor! Can anyone beat this man?

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It's my favorite division in all of boxing and most of my most favorite fighters made names for themselves in that division... the name Middleweight possibly references not only the fact that it was right in the middle of all of the other boxing weights... but you also get your perfect blend of power guys, fast guys and a little bit of everything guys. Smack... Bang... right in the middle!

At the moment... Jermain Taylor rules that division... and I cannot see anyone beating him any time soon!

Seen as the successor of longtime Middleweight King Bernard "The Executioner" Hopkins, Taylor won a Bronze Medal as a Light Middleweight at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, AUS before turning Pro in early 2001 just a few months short of turning 23.

For a man who is 6'1" and a Middleweight... he doesn't look as lanky as the likes of Bernard Hopkins and Thomas Hearns did. Maybe they lie about his weight and there's a conspiracy to keep it hidden from almost all of us?

Anyways... the guy has a surpisingly awesome amount of power... and although the likes of Hopkins could've beaten him a few years ago... he can't now... he lost to him twice!

Is there any futher modern day Middleweight who can go ahead and beat the Bad Intentions?:thumbsup:
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Taylor is a no heart having weak punch throwing chump oops!! Champ. Miranda will knock him out period. that guy is more carefully managed then even Floyd M. lets see him step up and fight a true Middleweight see what happens. and by the way if he stepped up to Joe he will get schooled like Jeff did Joe has to much movement,size skill and power. any other questions?
Eric Hop was perfect for Taylor he is not a guy that will come to get you or push the pace and we all know that he has never been a knock out puncher . the way Winky and Uma landed shots on Taylor anyone can see that he would be in trouble with a big puncher like Miranda. plus by now I really feel Taylor has started feeling the pressure of non-performance. your right in the fact that he wins his fights but never looks impressive and seem to just try and get by. his is not a pay per view draw and can even seel out his home town fights.You guys need to know that I will give credit when credit is due and in my estimation Taylor has yet to deserve it other then the first fight with Hopkins.
that is a stretch in a big way!!! a legend in little rock maybe and thats a big maybe
that's my point Tommy if Uma and Winky can walk this guy down that easy imagine a big Middleweight like Miranda or Joe at #168 Taylor would be in trouble.I can see it now Taylor will find a reason to fight Spinks or Forest in a no action bore fest. there is plenty of #147 and 154 guys out there
1 - 4 of 82 Posts
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