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Jermain Taylor vs Kelly Pavlik Results Thread

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(edit: Captainobvious):

KELLY PAVLIK SCORES A TKO!!! After going down in the second, Pavlik rallied to a tko win after landing a series of punches started with a straight right, backing Jermiane to the corner, and finished with a string of uppercuts, and a stiff left hook.

September 29 WBC/WBO middleweight Championship

Jermain Taylor (27-0-1, 17 KOs) and mandatory challenger Kelly Pavlik (31-0, 27 KOs)

Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, New Jersey.
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i have a feeling that the general publick will put their money on kelly pavlik but he will also be the underdog in this fight. i think pavlik gets knocked out and shuts up all the hateres.
Taylor wins a UD. Pavlik will take the first couple of rounds and look good to win before Taylor realises he has to fight to win this one, and the old Jermain Taylor will come back and beat Pavlik.
you better believe it. :thumbsup:
i dont think this one will go the distance at all. taylor
i would love to see Kelly Pavlik be a world champion he is the one and only beast lol and is the future
lol if u wer gna pick 'the one and only beast' i could pick about 20 guys ahead of Pavlik in that list:confused: Taylor by convincing UD.
Taylor will KO pavlik or win a wide decision. The future is taylor in th emiddlweight divison.
Hes a big Middleweight, and outside of Abraham and Pavlik there isnt much at 160, so i could see him fighting at 168 in the near future.
he is a big middleweight and alot of these up and comers that are fighting at 147 and 154, will eventually turn into middleweights. super middle is kind of a lost division. middle and lhw is where most the stars eventually are born and stay.
I'm not picking a winner yet. I'm 50/50.
lol i can guess who you will pick though. its no secret, you cant bet again the undeafeated universally recognized champ in his prime, you just cant ( not on a pure power puncher )
dang dave, your a smart man lol. Way to go with both sides. At least we cant say your wrong. :cheeky4:
lol well if Taylor wins by KO then hes wrong:laugh: Pavlik showed enough of a chin against Miranda for me to think he will survive the 12 rounds, but i think he'll lose a UD.
Im praying to god that the most boring champion of our era if not of all time will lose, but i think he will somehow turn this fight into a boring fight and win.


the reason i say that is because no matter how bad JT gets beat up he allways gets the "D" W.
So my point is even if kelly puts the smack down on JT his only chance at the W is via KO.
i dont think taylor boring at all. i find him extremely exciting ( except for his last outing against spinks ) I think pavlik is a good fighter, with good power but isnt in the league of taylor. You guys will find out soon enough. this fight wont be boring though. The only way it will be is if its as one sided as i think it may be. But thats not boring.
Most of Taylor's fight werent that bad, Spinks was just horrible, Ouma was watchable.. i thought his fight with Winky was a really good fight though.. both guys were more offensive than i imagined they would be. I think Taylor pulls this one out, Spinks was a nightmare stylistically for Taylor because i think he likes the guys to come to him, Pavlik will be different.
This is close. Very close. Both have a equal chance of winning.
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