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Jermaine Taylor looks set to Move up to 168

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Interesting article about a potential Calzaghe v Taylor clash next year.

Jermain Taylor is planning to move up in weight following his upcoming middleweight title bout with Kassim Ouma. During discussions at the WBC’s ratings meeting in Dubrovnik, Croatia, President Jose Sulaiman confirmed his understanding was “Jermain Taylor will move up in weight following his bout with Ouma thus leaving Ronald Wright and Ike Quartey to contest an elimination bout”, with Kelly Pavlik and Edison Miranda contesting what the WBC dubbed “Eliminator number 2″ .This could be the clearest indication yet that a bout between widely recognised Super Middleweight number one Joe Calzaghe, and number one Middleweight and former Olympic gold medallist Jermain Taylor, is set to be made. Further adding fuel to the Taylor Calzaghe fire, was the WBC demanding Mikkel Kessler face Librado Andrade in his next fight, and Mikkel Kessler informing the committee he would be unavailable to box until at least March of next year after suffering damage to his ribs.

In a recent US interview Joe Calzaghe stated “Jermain Taylor is number one for me, he’s young, undefeated a massive test” , it now looks likely that Taylor will indeed move to the 168lb division to grant his request.

Jerman Taylor v Joe Calzaghe ??? « UK Boxing
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Interesting. I thought that Taylor and Wright were gearing up for a rematch after each ones' perspective bouts against ouma/quartey. I would certaintly love to see this fight.
Winky souldnt look past Ike. he can ko him. And Taylor cam win that fight as long as its in the US
prettyboywho said:
Winky souldnt look past Ike. he can ko him. And Taylor cam win that fight as long as its in the US
Ike is a spent fighter-he should have won his last fight but won't win against Winky.

Your second ascertion is a dumb comment to make. Foreign judges should be given the same "credibility" as US judges for the big time matches. JC wouldn't get a free pass against any big time American fighter because the money here colors everything. All it is setting up the next PPV fight here. Don't for one minute hold American judging on any moral high ground because it can be as crooked as anywhere.
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