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Did anyone else see this tonight? LOL

One of the best I've seen yet. He goes off about how the commish will never pull the plug on that bastard child of a league of the NBA, and thats "ok" but dont bang him over the head with it every day.
Aparrently Candice Parker became the second woman to 'dunk' in a game. It was a blow out, and a break away with noone near her, the 'dunk' was a seudo lay-up dunk.

His last words were priceless:

"The WNBA's got next, and 2 players who can dunk...sort of..."

:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

(for those who dont see the commercials regularly, thats sort of the WNBA's slogan- "We got next"
In an attempt to make the game look like its as substanntial as the mens league. They also have a new series of advertisements with sarcastic statements like "no, you dont want to watch this" etc etc )
Man it was funny as hell. He was blasting them all day on his radio show as well. One of my boys was talking about female boxing and he said, "it's like the's cute, but nobody watches it!" I was LMAO at that. It was a while ago though. I'm not a big Rome fan, but that was funny.
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