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jockstrap or no-foul pro cup?

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i have a question for the more knowledgeable boxers. i see in all telivised fights that the pro boxers now wear a nofoul cup(which is clearly visable) instead of the jockstrap(which was hiddin under trunks). my question is when did boxing mandate you had to wear that bulky and unsightly no-foul cup instead of the jockstrap or is that the fighters choice. and are there any big time ppv fights that dont require the no-foul cup?and the third part of my question is, for small time pro boxing like the people who fight in night clubs and the real small venues of only like 500 people, are those fighters required to wear the no-foul cup or because its small time pro they can wear the jock strap instead of the large cup?
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Those standards are usually set by the governing boxing commission that sanctions each event. They may allow a variety of different styles. There are several different styles of protectors as you're aware of, so if your interested in finding out what you can use, you'll have to talk with a representative of the governing commission of the event you want to fight at.
They have been wearing the big cups for over 60 years now, just now the fighters are all pulling the cups higher so it doesn't hurt as much to get hit in the gut, from the 80's on back, you never knew they were wearing a cup unless the trunks started to fall down.
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