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jezhawk said:
Hi all just been reading all your posts thats why i love boxing so much its full of opinon’s i give full respect to joe for what he has done for the sport .
But its boxing and anything can happen and i really think this will be a big fight for him as manfredo has a big heart and a big punch and if he gets it right he can take his crown come april 7th look at tyson v douglas lennox v rackman audley v sprott tonight lol it only takes one punch and its all over
just my opinion. But all the above were never given a chance of winning those fights .

Thanks jez u.k.
I said in another thread that he has a chance however slim it may be. He would have to get very lucky though. Calzaghe is smart and makes few mistakes and is a phenominal boxer.

Manfredo was on the Contender that's all I have to say. That show sucks so much. Ooooh lets shoot another slow-mo shot and show the wives and children in the crowd with worried looks on their faces.

I can't wait for this fight because I havent' seen Joe fight in a while!
1 - 4 of 32 Posts
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