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Have any of you guys watched and scored this fight?

How did you have it going into that 12th round?

I gave the early rounds to Joe, I thought the KD brought Max back into it and the middle rounds ebbed and flowed both way and by the 12th I had Max one round up.

What do you guys make of Max Schemelling in this fight and generally?

He had an odd style and was very cagey and hard to land anything but jabs on without opening yourself up to that right hand of his.

His wide stance seemed to limit his jab to me but give him great leverage on that right hand and he sedmed to have a tremendous right cross.

I thought Louis would have won the fight if he had just stuck to the jab and not opening himself up so much.......opinions?

I heard that J J Braddock avoided Schemeling in the 30s to fight Louis because there was a fear of givin Germany a propaganda victory during the war, is this true?
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