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GL: Shorlty after our last discussion you got into a car accident. Are you alright? "I'm fine, my body is 100% and whenever they reschedule the fight I'm ready to do it. I just hope Sergio Mora still wants to fight me."

GL: Sergio Mora is still the guy you want to fight the most correct?

Kassim Ouma: "Yes, he's the guy I want to fight. He agreed to fight me before it got cancelled and other than that, if it's not him whoever is there from welterweight or junior middleweight, I'm ready."

GL: All of the other fights on that show have been rescheduled. Do you have any idea when you might be returning to the ring?

KO: "I don't know when. I'm waiting for my promoters Golden Boy Promotions and Russell Peltz to see what they have cooking."

GL: I'm glad you're fine, drive safely when we get off the phone this time.

KO: "I'm fine G, I don't want to talk about it. I'm okay. Your little brother is ready."

GL: If you don't fight Mora next will you move down to welterweight?

KO: "Yes. If we can't get that fight set up for another date or he doesn't want to fight me, I'll be moving down to 147 pounds."

GL: Are you able to train?

KO: "I'm not taking no time off because nothing happened. I'm just using my time wisely because I need a fight I haven't fought in a year. I'm just hungry and ready to fight."

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

KO: "I want to thank Boxingtalk for the interview. Dream On World Wide."
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