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Kassim Ouma vs Sergio Mora

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Date: Saturday October 6, 2007

Espn 2 - The contender special

Promoter: Golden Boy Promotions


Kassim Ouma v Sergio Mora
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Hmmm this is a quite interesting fight actually. I dont know why Mora didnt take the Taylor fight, there has never been a better time to fight him probably. I dont know about this one though, i think Mora could win a close UD.
I dunno, i dont like Ouma at 160 but i think he has a chance here, this fight will be very close IMO.
Im leaning towards Mora, but im not too interested, id just like to see a good entertaining fight.
Same here, i probably wont watch it unless i hear great things.
1 - 4 of 19 Posts
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