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Larry Merchant must go!

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Am I the only one who thinks this hairball needs to blow away. His inanaties are wearing thin. "Boxing is not an 80 yard sprint." Huh. Thanks for your sage insight, Larry. Now please go back to sleep.:thumbsdown: :thumbsdown: :thumbsdown:
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*Heh* I've seen threads on other boxing forums dedicated to the absurd, goofy and often perplexing Larry Mechant quotes. :laugh: He certainly seems to be showing signs of senility, but it just wouldn't be the same without him to draw out an occasional barb from Lampley and to argue how the fight should be scored with Lederman because he does view and score the fight with his, (however skewered), own logic, common sense, and gut. He is, in essence, the counterbalance to two other people that can't call a fight based on their impressions or opinions. That's not Lampley's or Lederman's job.

I do agree with you to some degree TEDSARES, Merchant doesn't seem able to completely hide his feelings about fighters, but I don't think he has disdain for a majority of them. There are some he has an obvious affinity for, some he has no opinion of, and some he probably doesn't care too much about and that sounds to me like a pretty good description of a boxing fan.

I don't know if it was just me, but for a brief second when Larry was interviewing Morales following the fight knowing that this might just be his last hurrah, that Larry had to concentrate on keeping his composure.

Who else could fill Larry Merchant's shoes? :dunno:
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tedsares said:
Kellerman, Joe Tesitore, Marrota, Barry Tompkins, Teddy Atlas, almost anyone out there. Tha is anyone who is not a hairball or senile....which Merchant is.
Kellerman isn't seasoned enough and sounds like he believes he can make something fact by the tone of his voice and the strength of his opinion. I bet he got beat up a lot in school.. like I did.. . *sniff* .. AHEM. Well that's neither here nor there. :(

Teddy Atlas puts me to sleep. He'll talk non-stop for 10 minutes boring the crap out of you in that long droning, nasally, New York accent while the fight goes on without even commenting on the fight he's there to cover. I live in fear of accidentally watching 2 fights in a row with him doing commentary because I'm almost a 100% sure it will put me in a coma. Seriously, I'm not joking. There are doctors looking for a cure..:(

I do like Barry Tompkins though. :thumbsup:
sliznut said:
I loved how when Roy Jones Jr was commentating with the HBO crew Larry would insult him about getting knocked out. Roy would just laugh wishing he could beat the hell out of Larry Merchant. I'm not big on what he says about boxing but he makes me laugh some times. I say keep him because who would you get to replace him? He has character, sure he is senile but thats part of his allure.
I loved that! Larry a couple more subtle jabs when Jones would pull his big ego into commenting on the fight before them. Although I'm not sure how much Roy picked up on what was being said or suggested. It's true that Roy was a very smart boxer, but he was no Rhodes Scholar. ;)

Fran Charles... *Cringe* I was hoping no one was going to bring that name up.

What's Bobby Czyz doing these days? :cheeky4:
The Auctioneer said:
Bobby was good we should have him back!
Hold on a minute.... Where's the blank incredulous emoticon? This one will have to do :eek:
tedsares said:
I am sorry, but when it comes to LM, I get emotional. I have an entire book on his Idiotic, senilc sayings. For example, Daniel Ponce De Leon recently kocked a Thai fighter out cold in the first round after a furious exchange. He required quick attention and oxygen. All through this frightening ordeal, Merchant was making inane comments like, "that's a long was to come for such a short night's work." The guy looked dead, for God's sake.Mercant is senile,a hairball,lazy, and simply must go for the good of the sport.
:cool: (*secretly I began to suspect that the one known only as "tedsares", was, in fact, Harold Lederman*)

How badly do you want him out? Are we talking "Thunderdome" here?
tedsares said:
I have a book on this idiot's banalities. Please don't force me to open it................... :mad: :(
On the one hand, I don't want to see your blood pressure rise, but on the other the hand, I could use a good laugh and I'm sure that book is full of them. :laugh:

Peace? :thumbsup:

I'd like to read "Blood in my Coffee". I've enjoyed "The Fight Doctor" Ferdie Pacheco's commentary on the fights I've seen with Steve Albert. Have you read it? It looks like it might be a worthwhile read.
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