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When HBO boxing celebrates its 40th anniversary, what fights should the next batch of 'Legendary Nights' cover? It's a hypothetical, of course, because we don't even know whether or not they will have another set of 'Legendary Nights' docs...Here are my picks:

- Hopkins' knockout of Trinidad: Hopkins dominates an undefeated fighter and finally gets mainstream recognition after years of toiling in obscurity.
- Jones beats Ruiz: First time a former MW moved up to win HW title in over a century...Accusations that Jones was on steroids...last great performance of Jones' career.
- Mayweather beats De la Hoya: Awful fight, but a huge event for boxing, at a time when its popularity was plummeting...and the drama surrounding the Mayweather family makes for a good story as well, and so does the stigma of DLH losing all of his big fights.
- Ward-Gatti trilogy: Two evenly-matched veterans put on an excellent trilogy that elevates them both.
- Pacquiao-De la Hoya...depending on how it turns out. Could turn out to be a great fight, and its sort of a "dream match" between the bigger old guy and the small-but-in-his-prime guy.

Castillo-Corrales and Vasquez-Marquez were great, but they were on Showtime.

Am I missing anything?

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David Tua vs Ike Ibeabuchi '97
Felix Trinidad vs Fernando Vargas '00
Oscar De La Hoya vs Shane Mosley '00
Erik Morales vs Marco Antonio Barrera '00 (TRILOGY)
Oscar De La Hoya vs Fernando Vargas '02

Spike Spiegel
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David Tua vs Michael Moorer
Bernard Hopkins vs Oscar De La Hoya (the richest MW fight of all time.)
Felix Trinidad vs William Joppy
Oscar De La Hoya vs Ricardo Mayorga
David Tua vs John Ruiz (wow @ the knockout)
Winky Wright vs Tito

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Hopkins vs. Trinidad
De la Hoya vs. Vargas
Jones vs. Ruiz
Barrera vs. Morales Trilogy
Gatti vs. Ward Trilogy
Hopkins vs. De la Hoya
Morales vs. Pacquiao I
De la Hoya vs. Mayorga
Hopkins vs. Tarver
De la Hoya vs. Mayweather
Pavlik vs. Taylor I
Marquez vs. Pacquiao II
Cotto vs. Margarito
De la Hoya vs. Pacquiao

Team Mayweather
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There were 12 original Legendary Nights so its only fair we do at least 12 more:

  1. Barrera/Morales Trilogy
  2. Pacquaio/Morales Trilogy
  3. Gatti/Ward Trilogy
  4. Oscar/Floyd
  5. Floyd/Hatton
  6. Trinidad/Vargas
  7. Jones/Ruiz
  8. Taylor/Pavlik I and II
  9. Hopkins/Pavlik
  10. Taylor/Hopkins I and II
  11. Oscar/Mosley I and II
  12. Toney/Jirov
  13. Ayala/Tapia I and II

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Oh, one fight I forgot was Cotto-Margarito. That was a great fight that lived up to all the hype. Plus, you've got the whole Mexico v. Puerto Rico rivalry. Depending on how the rematch goes, they could have a documentary on both fights (or the trilogy) a la "The Tale of Pryor-Arguello".
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