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I have a huge boxing library if any of you guys wanna trade, buy, sell I'm always interested in increasing my collection on dvd.

Here's mine

Arturo Gatti (15 dvd’s)
Bernard Hopkins (19 dvd’s)
Carlos Monzon (5 dvd’s)
Carman Basilio (6 dvd’s)
Diego Corrales (9 dvd’s)
Eric Morales (12 dvd’s) $
Evander Holyfield (17 dvds)
Felix Trinidad (14 dvd’s)
Fernando Vargas (13 dvd’s)
Floyd Mayweather Jr. (20 dvd’s)
James Toney (18 dvd’s)
Jimmy Carter (2 dvd’s)
Joe Frazier (8 dvd’s)
Joe Louis (Rare) (9 dvd’s)
Juan Diaz (9 dvd’s)
Juan Manuel Marquez (17 dvd’s)
Julio Ceasar Chavez (22 dvd’s)
Kelly Pavlik (4 dvd’s)
Kermit Cintron (6 dvd’s)
Kosta Tszyu (13 dvd’s)
Lennox Lewis (10 dvd’s)
Manny Pacquiao (11 dvd’s)
Marco Antonio Barrera (20 dvd’s)
Marvin Hagler (9 dvd’s)
Miguel Cotto (11 dvd’s)
Mike Tyson (25 dvd’s)
Micky Ward (10 dvd’s)
Muhammed Ali (26 dvd’s)
Naseem Hamed (9 dvd’s)
Nigel Benn (12 dvd’s)
Oscar De La Hoya (21 dvd’s)
Paulie Malignaggi (4 dvd’s)
Pernell Whitaker (13 dvd’s)
Ray Leonard (10 dvd’s)
Ray Robinson (Rare) (5 dvd’s)
Ricky Hatton (13 dvd’s)
Ridick Bowe (9 dvd’s)
Roberto Duran (20 dvd’s)
Roy Jones Jr. (19 dvds)
Salvadore Sanchez (5 dvds)
Shane Mosley (13 dvd’s)
Tommy Hearns (14 dvds)

5 DVD Beyond The Glory/Legendary Nights Set

Vasquez/Marquez Trilogy
Corrales/Castillo I and II
Gatti/Ward Trilogy
Morales/Barrera Trilogy
Holyfield/Bowe Trilogy
Holyfield/Ruiz Trilogy
Morales/Pacquiao Trilogy
Jones Jr./Tarver Trilogy
Calzaghe V.S. Kessler and Lacy (2 dvds)

Whatever combo of fights you want, I can make.

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Gatti/Ward Trilogy LEGENDARY NIGHTS?
A loy of people ask me for the Gatti/Ward Trilogy so I have a three dvd set I made. Many people trade for it or buy it.

Legendary night is an old show that used to cover some of boxing's biggest past fights. Interviews with media, fighters, trainers, etc...

Fights like Holyfield/Bowe, Lewis/Tyson, Cooney/Holmes, De La Hoya/Trinidad, Foreman/Moorer, etc...are covered. I wish it were still on. Great show.
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