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Longest Bout?

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Does anyone know what the longest bout in Boxing history was? And who was involved?
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i think it was john l sullivan and the fight was about 40 odd rounds.
I am not sure about the longest but a round in the 19 cent was measured by knockdowns, so some fights were as long fifty and sixty rounds.Timed rounds came around the turn of the century where 3 min round were established and bouts wold go 15 to 20 rounds.After WWI bouts would last 15 rounds which lasted up to the 1970's then they would only go up to 12.
I'm sure someone can look up the actual dates.
It was longer than 40 rounds, some guy fought a 70 round draw back in the bareknuckle days.
i mean since the queensberry style came in. i have read somwhere that rounds were measured by kds though back in the day.
The 70 rounder was when the queensbury rules were in session.
oh i see i thought queensbury rules were started at like 40 rounds, i wasnt 100% sure on it though.
I think the 70 round fight I read about was one of the first black fighters that became champ, he was born in the 1860's.
i think my boxing vocab ends at the start of the 20th centuary.:laugh:
The first black champion was named Jack Johnson, I think. What is Queensbury rules?
The rules they have now.
Kameleon said:
Does anyone know what the longest bout in Boxing history was? And who was involved?
The longest recorded fight with gloves took place between Andy Bowen and Jack Burke.New orleans 1893.7hrs 19min (110 rounds) It was a draw.
They must have been exausted/bloody/swolen/permanately damaged! :eek:
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