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Pacquiao vs Hatton In The Works for Nov 8th!

Brad Cooney

Boxing Herald caught up with the 5 division world champion Manny Pacquiao and got his thoughts on his epic performance over David Diaz. Pacquiao informs Boxing Herald that negotiations are taking place for a November 8th date against Ricky Hatton! Check out what else the champ had to say.

BH – Manny thanks for joining us.

MP – Alright, thank you.

BH – Manny this was the best that I have ever seen you look. Give me your thoughts on your performance.

MP – Well I thought I did well. I did my best in that fight, and I worked hard for this fight.

BH – Did David Diaz do anything in the ring that surprised you, or was he any stronger than you thought he would be?

MP – I never underestimated David Diaz, I knew he would be strong. He's a strong guy, and I boxed him. I got in and got out, in and out, I controlled the fight.

BH – You utilized your right hand to perfection in this fight. Were you happy with how you used your right hand? This is a punch that you and Freddie have been working on in the gym.

MP – Yes, we worked hard on the right hand this training camp. We trained hard on the right hand, and I thank Freddie for teaching me a lot about my right hand.

BH – Were you surprised that your right hand was THAT effective?

MP – Well that was our strategy, to use the right hand. We knew that he would be studying my left hand. That's why he was so surprised with my right hand. I threw a lot of hooks, uppercuts, and body shot. That's why he got hurt.

BH – Did you think you were going to knock him out at 135lbs?

MP – Well I am stronger at 135lbs. I was able to use my right hand, and that was key to setting up other punches, and I was able to knock him out.

BH – Do you plan on going up to 140lbs to challenge Ricky Hatton?

MP – There is negotiation about that. It is possible that I will fight Ricky Hatton on November 8th.

BH – So November 8th is the target date for Ricky Hatton?

MP – Yes.

BH – Manny I know you're busy, so I will let you go. Do you have any closing thoughts for your fans?

MP – First I want to thank God for giving me the blessings and the strength. To all of my fans, thank you very much for your support. Without you I am not here, thank you very much for supporting me.


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Yeah. I think Manny could use a fight or two more at 135 to get better acclimated to the rise in weight. Yeah, he looked amazing, but he can always get more and more comfortable.
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