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MANNY PACQUIAO vs ERIK MORALES III - Discussion Thread - Nov 18

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SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 18, 2006 9:00 PM ET/6:00 PM PT
HBO PPV Thomas & Mack Center, Las Vegas, NV
12 Rd. Super Featherweight

42-3-2, 32 KOs



48-4, 34 KOs BIO
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I am so looking forward to this. This is the first time I've ever given serious consideration of dropping the coin for a PPV event.

Saturday, Nov. 18, Thomas and Mack Center, Las Vegas - HBO PPV 12 Rounds, WBC International Super Featherweight Championship MANNY PACQUIAO, 42-3-2, 32 KOs, Kibawe, Philippines Vs. ERIK MORALES, 48-4, 34 KOs, Tijuana
The broadcast will begin at 9 PM Eastern 6 PM Pacific on PPV

Pacquiao vs. Morales III has all the makings to be the best fight of the year & the most exciting fight of their trilogy. Each fighter has recorded a victory over the other in their previous bouts. Morales won the first fight by unanimous decision with scores of 115-113. Six months later, before a sold-out crowd in Las Vegas, Pacquiao avenged the loss by dealing Morales the first knockout defeat of his career. Witness the grand finale of one of boxing's greatest rivalries live! On November 18th at the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas for Pacquiao vs Morales!

Veteran referee Vic Drakulich of Nevada will be the referee for the fight, while judges are Guido Cavalieri (Italy), Glenn Towbridge (Nevada), and Doug Tucker (Nevada).
The Pacquiao-Morales match on November 18, promoted by Top Rank and dubbed the ‘Grand Finale’ is one of this year’s most anticipated boxing events, and a possible Fight of the Year candidate.

Former IBF & WBO super bantamweight champion Manny "Pac Man" Pacquiao (42-3-2, 32 KO's), General Santos City, Philippines. 27-year-old, 5'6" southpaw, 130 pounds. Trainer Freddie Roach, managed by Shelly Finkel.

Style: Pound for pound Pacquiao just might be the hardest hitter in the sport. He is a banger/slugger but what makes him special is his hand speed, his accuracy and his crowd appeal. Not only in the Philippines but also in the US, Pacquiao has a tremendous following because he fires wicked three, four and five punch combinations that simply detonate on impact. Because he is a southpaw his shots are coming at you from different angles and unlike most lefthanders he isn't cute or stylish. He will come right at you firing whistling hooks and staggering left crosses from the opening bell.

Strength: Pacquiao is the complete athlete if you are looking for an action fighter. He throws devastating shots with both hands and he delivers the goods with withering accuracy. Pacquiao's best punch may be his jackhammer left cross; that's the shot that Morales, Barrera and Marquez didn't have an answer for when they squared off with the Filipino star. Pacquiao is at his best when he is moving and throwing wicked combinations. He excels at firing and landing a hard left to the body followed by a whistling right hook to the chin. Pacquiao can put you on the deck with either hand, or grind you down with combinations.

Weakness: Pacquiao gets hit and part of his allure just like Arturo Gatti, is that he is constantly in high action bouts. He has been on the deck several times over the course of his career and in the past he has been vulnerable to counter right hands. When he controls the tempo of the fight Pacquiao can dictate pace and the punch output. However, as in the Marquez fight, when the action slows down and his opponent starts landing his jab Pacquiao struggles. When he faces Morales, the Mexican has an advantage in height and reach and once again that could effect the outcome.


Former WBC 122, 126 & 130 pound champion Erik "El Terrible" Morales (48-4, 34 KO's) Tijuana, Mexico. 30-years-old, 5'8" 130-pounds, trainer José Luis "Maestro" López, manager José Morales.

Style: Morales is the complete boxer/puncher. He can stick, move; work behind his jab and score with rapier-like combinations. Or, he can flat out bang. However, at this point in his career and against a slugger like Pacquiao, chances are he will box more and bang less until the opportunity presents itself to pull the trigger. Only three of his last ten fights haven't gone the distance and that goes back to June 2002, when he lost a 12-round unanimous decision over Marco Antonio Barrera.

Strength: Morales' style and strength and has changed somewhat over the years from when he first turned pro back in 1993. However, his greatest attribute remains his resolve and his courage. He will fight and battle with you all the way to the final bell. In the 3rd and last Barrera encounter, Marcos Antonio dominated the first six rounds but Morales rallied to make it a close fight. His best shot is now his right hand and facing the southpaw Pacquiao you can look for him to fire it all night long. His jab at times can be best described as brutally efficient. Morales still has a nasty left hook and an excellent right hand, which he can fire straight and also nail you with over the top. If he gets in close, look for Morales to throw searing uppercuts with either hand. He will use Pacquiao's entire body as a target and he isn't shy about digging into your ribs with either hand. Finally, when Morales establishes his rhythm, he can effortlessly shift his attack down stairs or upstairs depending on the situation. Morales was raised above a gym as a kid growing up in Tijuana and he isn't short on little tricks to upset his opponent.

Weakness: The biggest problem facing Morales going into his third encounter with Pacquiao is age and size. As we get older we tend to put on weight and muscle and at 5'8", Morales simply doesn't have the frame of a junior lightweight any longer. Trying to get him down to 130 eventually starts draining his strength and Morales pays a steep price especially in the second half of the fight. Morales is a slow starter and a rhythm fighter. He was simply lackluster when he took on the up and coming Raheem. Do that against a guy who throws bombs from the opening bell and you are inviting disaster. In his second fight against Pacquiao, Morales was posing more and throwing less leather. You don't get faster as you get older in the ring. You may have increased power and technical skill but you slow down and that is what is happening with this great champion.



12 Rounds,
Vacant WBO Jr. Welterweight Championship RICARDO TORRES, 29-1, 27 KOs, Colombia Vs. ‘MIGHTY MIKE’ ARNAOUTIS,
17-0-1, 9 KOs, Athens, Greece

12 Rounds,
WBC Light Flyweight Championship Champion OMAR NINO, 24-2-1, 10 KOs, Guadalajara, Mexico Vs. BRIAN VILORIA, 19-1, 12 KOs, Waipahu, Hawaii

8 Rds., Super Featherweights
JUAN CARLOS SALGADO, 16-0-1, 13 KOs, Mexico City Vs. TBA

6 Rds., Super Welterweights
VANES MARTIROSYAN, 10-0, 6 KOs, Glendale, Calif. Vs. TBA


Countdown to Pacquiao-Morales III

Eastern time
Mon 11/13 04:40 AM HBO2 - WEST
Mon 11/13 08:30 PM HBO2 - EAST
Mon 11/13 11:30 PM HBO2 - WEST
Tue 11/14 10:30 PM HBO2 - EAST
Wed 11/15 12:30 AM HBO LATINO - EAST
Wed 11/15 12:30 AM HBO - EAST
Wed 11/15 12:30 AM HBO High Definition - EAST
Wed 11/15 01:30 AM HBO2 - WEST
Wed 11/15 03:30 AM HBO High Definition - WEST
Wed 11/15 03:30 AM HBO - WEST
Wed 11/15 03:30 AM HBO LATINO - WEST
Wed 11/15 05:35 AM HBO2 - EAST
Wed 11/15 08:35 AM HBO2 - WEST
Wed 11/15 05:30 PM HBO2 - EAST
Wed 11/15 08:30 PM HBO2 - WEST
Thu 11/16 02:30 AM HBO2 - EAST
Thu 11/16 05:30 AM HBO2 - WEST
Thu 11/16 10:15 AM HBO2 - EAST
Thu 11/16 01:15 PM HBO2 - WEST
Thu 11/16 10:30 PM HBO - EAST
Thu 11/16 10:30 PM HBO High Definition - EAST
Fri 11/17 01:30 AM HBO High Definition - WEST
Fri 11/17 01:30 AM HBO - WEST
Fri 11/17 01:30 PM HBO2 - EAST
Fri 11/17 04:30 PM HBO2 - WEST
Sat 11/18 12:30 AM HBO2 - EAST
Sat 11/18 03:30 AM HBO2 - WEST
Sat 11/18 04:00 PM HBO2 - EAST
Sat 11/18 07:00 PM HBO2 - WEST
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Pacman all the way. Morales is on his way out in my opinion. Pacs younger, stronger and faster. Anyone disagree?
It looks like no one is disagreeing LOL :D
sliznut said:
Pacman all the way. Morales is on his way out in my opinion. Pacs younger, stronger and faster. Anyone disagree?
Time to fill the refrigerator with beer and get ready to enjoy the fight
My bet will be on Manny Pacquiao
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I bet on Pacquiao but in all honesty, I'm rooting for Morales in a way because I'm a sensitive fart. If the spiel they're giving in the build-up has any truth, that a loss like this would essentially put Morales' career to pasture, I'd rather see him pull this off. A loss tonight certainly wouldn't be good for Pacquiao's career, but I don't think it would be as damaging. :dunno:

The only thing for certain is it will definitely be one hellava fight. Phonetool, I concur, it is suds time! :thumbsup:
Dammit I knew he would win. If only I wasn't a moron and read where I was putting my points before I clicked. Oh well, at least I was right I guess.
This was a great fight MANNY PACQUIAO WINS
Pacquiao dominates end to trilogy, possible end to Morales

In one of the year’s most anticipated match-ups, Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao, of the Philippines, and Erik “El Terrible” Morales, of Tijuana, Mexico, two future Hall of Fame boxers, met for the third and final time inside the packed-to-capacity (18,276) Thomas & Mack Center last night in Las Vegas.
With a smorgasbord of media attention throughout the weeks leading up to the highly anticipated contest promoted by Top Rank, every distraction, weakness and strength of each fighter had been thoroughly analyzed and laid out for all to read.

Proclaiming that his loss at the hands of Pacquiao, in the second bout, was due to the toll of making weight, Morales enlisted the help of the professionals at Velocity training in Los Angeles. With both father and son fully confident in their preparation for the bout, Morales surprised everyone at the official weigh in, not only coming in one pound under the limit but looked healthier and stronger than he’d had in year.
In the ring, however, Morales proved even more fragile under the heavy guns of Filipino bomber.
A very fit looking Morales entered the ring and—as we would find out later—a very sick with fever Pacquiao met him after a grand entrance that brought the capacity crowd to an inaudible level. At the very first sign of contact both fighter’s fans jumped to their feet and cried out.

"MANNY! MANNY!” filled the arena as Pacquiao jabbed his was around the first round while Morales waited to jump on Pacquiao TO land a well-placed body shot. Pacquiao landed a stiff overhand right with about a minute to go in the first round and Morales countered with a combination of his own that had the crowd on their feet.
Pacquiao moved well and landed a straight left-right jab on target to punctuate a good, yet close, round for Pacquiao.
Trading evenly for the beginning of the second round Morales began to give one of his classic performances, rewarding the fans watching with a slugfest.
They exchanged some more and Morales landed a good three-punch combo that shook but did not hurt the Filipino.
Pacquiao, wanting more of the same, motioned Morales to “C’mon”, with his gloves. Morales began to lunge many counters at Pacquiao. After countering Pacquiao’s straight left by spinning him around and onto the ropes, Morales attempted to pin the man he once conquered using an overhand right-left hook-right uppercut combination.
Like a cornered animal, Pacquiao scrambled to get out of his confines by using a blinding left hook to the head that Morales never saw coming. Down for the first time since their last encounter, Morales took only a moment to compose himself and continue as every single person in attendance was on their feet and vocally supporting one fighter or the other.

Not one to lay down or retreat, Morales, while hurt, engaged the younger Pacquiao, making a strong push toward the end of the round. The two warriors traded with such a furious pace to close the round that it gave the closest rendition of a human cockfight that you will ever see.
After winning the first two rounds, Pacquiao began to listen to his corner and push combinations to the body. Pacquiao landed two times heavy into Morales’ midsection—unfortunately Morales would not back down as the two exchanged wildly.
Chasing each other with stunning foot movement and equally impressive hand speed, Pacquiao eventually earned the bigger payoff when a huge left hand dropped Morales for the second time as his head snapped back.
Beating the count after thinking about the outcome, Morales continued still on bended knee. Pacquiao then unleashed a fury on Morales in his own corner, with a barrage of hooks, upstairs and down.
Unable to match his speed, Morales caved in to the pressure and was dropped for the third and final time of the night.

As the crowd went into a frenzy, Morales lay on his side, staring back at his corner with the look of dismay, then shook his head in disbelief that he had just been manhandled by a quicker, stronger Pacquiao.
Knowing his time was certainly up, Morales stayed on the canvas until referee Vic Drakulich officially ended the contest at 2:57 declaring Pacquiao the victor.
"I felt so much stronger," said Pacquiao after the fight, "I could feel that I was the stronger one from the punches and his movement.I could tell right away that he felt my punches."
Cementing his position as the clear-cut most entertaining fighter in the business, and pound-for-pound best, Pacquiao also became the No. 1 challenger to Marco Antonio Barrera, who was present at the fight, for the WBC super featherweight title.
"I had a lot of reasons to be distracted,” said Pacquiao, was not only battling the flu but an impending lawsuit by Top Rank over an unlawful signing of a contract to Golden Boy Promotions.
“But when I heard the national anthems and the crowd get so loud, I was focused completely on Morales.
"In the second, I could tell he was hurt by my right hook so I kept throwing it. I just felt so much stronger."
Pacquiao, now 42-3-2 (32 KOs), has inked a four-year with Top Rank.
Morales, roughhoused in the loss and now 48-5 (24 KOs), received a standing ovation at the postfight press conference.
"For the first time I think in my career I could feel my opponents power," said Morales, a three-division champion.
"I think it may be that time. I was beaten by the better man tonight. "He was just too fast, too strong . . .
"I did everything needed in camp to win this fight. It just wasn’t my night." -- Victor Perea
Courtesy of Fightnews
It's a special edition of BOXING AFTER DARK when HBO Sports presents the exclusive replay of the super featherweight showdown MANNY PACQUIAO VS. ERIK MORALES III this SATURDAY, NOV. 25 at 10:15pm ET/PT.
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