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Manny Pacquiao vs. Erik Morales

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How can I find out if they are fighting again in November? I've seen it posted on, but can't find out anything else, and am thinking of trying to go to the fight.
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Yup, the fight's on!

The match is slated for November 18. Apparently, the details will be announced on the press conference on August 15.

Who are you supporting?
I'm rooting for Manny, by the way! Go, pacman! :-D
For updates on this upcoming match, check out Pacman's website:

Interesting articles.
I have a feeling that Morales will follow Gatti and should retire. Where is the best place to get tickets?
I am pulling for Morales & think he is gonna pull off the upset.

I am hoping Pacquiao is looking past Morales.
Im also a Pacman fan. I hop ehe mops him up, but I know Morales will give him a tough fight. If only Manny threw more than a left right combo...
i like pacman
i like eric
but eric is way past his prime
this fight should not even take place.
the fight that should take place is
pacman VS marquez 2
DaveDaBoxing fan is right. I'm pulling for the pacman any way.:cool:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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