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Margarito vs Mayweather

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I would love to see a showdown with Floyd Mayweather and Antonio Margarito. I think this fight could go eitherway. I can see Floyd outpointing Margarito but can also see Margarito Knocking out Floyd. What are you thoughts on this superfight.
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my prediction is floyd will keep running.
No. I dont understand the romours about floyd ducking. Hes only ever fought the best. Diego corrales, jose luis castillo, zab judah, Thunder gatti and now has sighned to fight Golden Boy. How is he ducking. OK, i know he hasnt fought Margarito (yet) and said he is going to retire after the de la hoya fight but you cant seriously beilive that. Floyd has at least 5 more fights in him.
Judging on Margarito's last performance against Clottey, I think Floyd would eat him.
True Floyd Has A Lot Of Fights Left In Him But He"s Has A Lot Of Growing Up To Do ,who In Their Right Mind With All That Potential To Make Millions,would All Of The Sudden Decide To Retire.whats He Gonna Do Star Rapping.doutfull He"ll Take A Break Then Get The Icth Again How Many Times Did Sugar Ray Lenoard Retire. Irest My Case
Margarito didnt look all that great this past Saturday. He really didnt look like he would be much of a opponent for Floyd. Maybe he should fight someone like Hatton who I think would beat Margarito.
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