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By Carlos Irusta

Can we call Mariano Carrera “champion”? At this moment, it’s difficult. The Argentinean obtained the WBA "regular" middleweight crown last December when he stopped Javier Castillejo in the 11th round in Berlin.

But last week, the German journal “Bild” stated Carrera failed a drug test with respect to the Castillejo bout. All of Carrera's team denied the story, until January 8th, when the WBA received a letter from Germany, confirming the story.

Clembuterol, a forbidden substance, was found in the mandatory drug test taken Carrera. By now, the last hope for Carrera is a second drug test, to be made in a neutral country. He can be suspended anywhere from 6 months to 2 years, and of course, the WBA will strip him of the belt.

This marks the second case where a banned drug played a role in Argentine boxing. On November 5, 2004, Aldo Rios was found with diuretics and lost the IBO crown he obtained in England from Jason Cook, from Wales.

Carlos Monzón, Hugo Corro and Jorge Castro obtained the WBA middleweight belt for the history and pride of Argentinean boxing. Now, this black eye for one of their local sports is the big news of the day in Argentina.
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