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Marquez vs. Barrera

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Who is everyone going for? and what round do you think it will end? I like watching Barrera fight but I think hes been in to many wars and is getting up in age so I'm going with Marquez in this one. I'd like to see 1 more 12 rd war from Barrera but I think it will get stopped in 7th or 8th rd. Your thoughts?
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with the pac fight looming for the winner i see both guys bang in form. i think when marcos on form though he beats JMM 9-10 times. marco UD.
I hope we get to see Barrera at his best. If so, we are in for a great fight! Barrera is a true warrior. I would hate to see a Morales rerun. Barrera also had nice things to say about Morales lol. Never thought I would see that!
Tough call but I have to go with Marquez he has less miles on his body and I believe more boxing skill and better defense. don't get me wrong when Marco is on he is very hard to beat but to me Marquez is just more consistant and he showed lots of heart against a very strong Pac man. what ever happens we all kow it will be a barn burner these guy are what boxing should be all about class,skill,sportsmanship,etc. we don't hear these guys acting like school yard punks do you?
Marco antonio Barrera 12UD
I also like Barrera to win, by either late round stopage, or decision. hen after he wins, he wont fight pacman again.
Barrera is wearing down but I see this being his last big win.
AGREE:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
i see barrera winning against marquez then fighting manny and being stopped again, this should see marco reire and retain his legend status.
I would be afraid to bet on this one though. I'll be rooting for Marco though.
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